Waarschip W36 Worlds 2018 Edition

Sustainability, innovation and 100% Dutch design and build are the key ingredients in the first IRC- and ORC-designed racer for the Hague Offshore Sailing World Championship 2018 (12-20 July). With the launch of the Waarschip W36 Worlds 2018 Edition, a unique project is born.

Dutch design
in no other country in the world does water play such an important role as in The Netherlands. Throughout history, battling, managing and enjoying water have brought knowledge and prosperity to the Dutch. With craftsmanship and innovation at heart, they have appeared for years in the top 10 of the Global Innovation Index.

That craftsmanship and innovation inspire the W36 team. The result is a 36-foot high-performance sail racer, built by specialists, optimized with the latest insights and packed with innovation.

Because most yachts have no reuse or recycle options, they become waste at the end of their lifecycle. The W36 team began with the premise that acting better, smarter and more responsibly could be a new starting point for the yachting industry. They see the 3R principle ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ as the new standard for sail racers.

The W36 Worlds 2018 Edition may be the only reusable and carbon-neutral yacht. The experts selected the type of FSC wood, its specific characteristics and natural fiber structure and treated it with biodegradable epoxy. Then they ‘baked’ it briefly in an oven to achieve extra durability. The result is lighter, stronger and more sustainable than the usual composite and carbon materials.

Erik van Vuuren, initiator of the W36 project, describes it as “An astonishing new material to build yachts that are strong, sustainable and reusable”.

The road to the Worlds
In the Offshore Sailing World Championship 2018, the challenging seawaters of The Hague will host the worlds’ 150 best racing teams in a battle for gold. For this event, the two leading handicap systems IRC and ORC have joined forces, combining two formerly separate competitions into one combined world championship.

The team has high expectations of its W36 Worlds 2018 Edition, designed to both IRC and ORC specifications. The people will make the difference between winning and losing. Their teamwork, focus and passion about performance, could well lead them and the W36 to gold.

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